Welcome to my Website


Here you will be able to see all my newest projects and many of the old ones.

I am now based at Manor oaks Studios, (Yorkshire Artspace) http://artspace.org.uk/studios/manor-oaks-studios which is also part of Green Estates, Sheffield. http://greenestate.org.uk

I was selected to run workshops for the HEY CLAY Crafts Council and BBC in conjunction with the Great British Throw Down shown on BBC2. My workshops took place on Saturday 5th December and were very successful. Thank-you to all who took part.

Courses: I will be teaching a series of new ceramic classes in my studio. If you are interested in joining a class please fill in a contact form on here.

Dates as follows: Saturday 13th Feb, 12th March, 16th April, 14th May, 11th June and 9th July. All are based around completing one activity in a day (figures, Foxes, Cats & Pots).Cost £48 per person. Please email me for further details and booking information.

I will post news about my up and coming shows very soon.

Some of the galleries currently showing my work include:

Leeds Craft Centre & Design Gallery: http://www.craftcentreleeds.co.uk/

Salt Box Gallery; http://www.saltboxgallery.co.uk

Moreton Gallery  http://www.themoretongallery.co.uk                                                   

Potteries Museum gallery in Stokehttp://www.stokemuseums.org.uk/visit/pmag/

Number Four Gallery http://www.numberfourgallery.co.uk                                           

Fisher Studio Gallery http://www.fishergallery.co.uk                                                     

Cupola Gallery, http://www.cupolagallery.com/                                                                               

Rye Art Gallery:  http://www.ryeartgallery.co.uk/

Water Street Gallery http://www.waterstreetgallery.co.uk/todmorden/home.html 

New Brewery Arts Craft Gallery http://www.cirencestershopping.co.uk/newbreweryarts/


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