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Here you will be able to see all my newest projects and many of the old ones.

I am now based at Manor oaks Studios, (Yorkshire Artspace) http://artspace.org.uk/studios/manor-oaks-studios which is also part of Green Estates, Sheffield. http://greenestate.org.uk

This weekend sees the Yorkshire Artspace Open Studios event, but more importantly it means it’s also my Grand Annual Sale and clear out. I have old pieces to sell on cheaply, seconds, mistakes and experiments, with fired clay you can only hide a certain amount of boxes before you have to start off loading it, there are foxes with poorly legs that need re-homing, ladies whose luck has run out and so on.

The event is Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd November 11am-4pm and then open by appointment in the run up to Christmas, More details on my Facebook page (Click on the link above).

And also coming very soon…..I have been selected to run workshops for the HEY CLAY Crafts Council and BBC in conjunction with the Great British Throw Down currently showing on BBC2. My workshops take place on Saturday 5th December; Booking essential. http://www.craftscouncil.org.uk/listings/search/0bccdde02e4bba1858ba0f93f136fbd0

Courses: I will be teaching a series of new ceramic classes in my studio. If you are interested in joining a class please fill in a contact form on here.

Shows I will be taking part in this year include:    

Saltaire Makers Trail, May 2015: http://www.saltaireinspired.org.uk/makers-fair-2015/                                                

Earth & Fire June 2015: http://www.nottinghamshire.gov.uk/enjoying/artsandculture/arts/earth-and-fire/

Crafted By Hand in Masham, July 2015 http://www.by-handevents.com/july-2015-exhibitors.html

Potfest in the Park, July 2015:http://www.potfest.co.uk/

Innovations in Ceramic Art, Cambridge, Oct 2015: http://www.onlineceramics.com/event/innovations-in-ceramic-art/

Yorkshire Artspace Open Studios including our yearly clear out sale!!Nov 21st/22nd 2015 http://artspace.org.uk/blog/permalink/2015-10/free-workshops-and-activities

Harley Christmas Market, Welbeck Estate, Nov 27th-29th 2015:http://www.harleygallery.co.uk/event/christmas-art-food-market-2/

Little Northern Contemporary Craft Fair, Altrincham, December 6th 2015: http://www.greatnorthernevents.co.uk/homepage-lnccf.aspx


Some of the galleries currently showing my work include:

Leeds Craft Centre & Design Gallery: http://www.craftcentreleeds.co.uk/

Salt Box Gallery; http://www.saltboxgallery.co.uk

Moreton Gallery  http://www.themoretongallery.co.uk                                                   

Potteries Museum gallery in Stokehttp://www.stokemuseums.org.uk/visit/pmag/

Number Four Gallery http://www.numberfourgallery.co.uk                                           

Fisher Studio Gallery http://www.fishergallery.co.uk                                                     

Cupola Gallery, http://www.cupolagallery.com/                                                                               

Rye Art Gallery:  http://www.ryeartgallery.co.uk/

Water Street Gallery http://www.waterstreetgallery.co.uk/todmorden/home.html 

New Brewery Arts Craft Gallery http://www.cirencestershopping.co.uk/newbreweryarts/


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